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Faculty Awards

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The Faculty Awards honor faculty who demonstrate a record of exceptional accomplishments in all aspects of university life. The awards recognize and celebrate faculty members who, through their own outstanding achievements, have enriched the University and the community they serve. Faculty Award finalists and winners are selected annually by the Faculty Excellence Committee, and they are recognized at the Award Ceremony in March.

2024 Faculty Award Winners

Congratulations to:
Faculty Awards winners (from left to right)

  • Jerry Harris – Distinguished Professor
  • Kaplan Sanders – Excellence in Service Learning
  • Brandon Bruce – Excellence in Active Teaching
  • Erin Ortiz – Distinguished Service
  • John Wolfe – Distinguished Teaching
  • Lucia Taylor – Excellence in Open Educational Resources
  • Megan Liljenquist – Distinguished Instructor
  • Jessica Abbott – Distinguished Research
  • Not pictured Martina Gaspari – Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring

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Award Categories

Distinguished Awards

  • Distinguished Professor Award
  • Distinguished Teaching Award
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • Distinguished Research Award
  • Distinguished Instructor Award

Excellence Awards

  • Excellence in Online Teaching
  • Excellence in Active Teaching
  • Excellence in Service Learning
  • Excellence in Classroom Technology Integration
  • Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring
  • Excellence in Open Educational Resources

For more information, including an overview of the eligibility requirements and individual award descriptions & criteria, please see the Award Descriptions page.

Timeline for the 2023–2024 Academic Year



November 1Call for nominations for Faculty Awards via online form
December 8Deadline to submit nominations for Faculty Awards.
December 19Deadline for nominees to submit a 2-page Letter (detailing their major achievements for the award criteria) and an abbreviated curriculum vitae.
January 15Deadline for notification of finalists for the Distinguished Awards.
February 5Deadline for the Distinguished Awards Finalists to submit supporting documents, a detailed portfolio and two letters of support addressing award criteria.
February 12Deadline for selection of winners and finalists for the Faculty Awards
April 5Award Ceremony

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Faculty Awards Program?

The Faculty Awards Program honors faculty who have shown remarkable accomplishments in university life. These awards are meant to acknowledge faculty members who have made significant contributions to both the University and the larger community. Award winners are chosen by the Faculty Excellence Committee every year, with the awards being presented at a ceremony in March.

How were the award categories determined, and can they change?

The Faculty Award categories have been established based on areas the University considers vital to its mission and success. The “Distinguished Awards” are consistently recognized categories. Meanwhile, the “Excellence Awards” represent dynamic areas of educational focus and innovation. While these awards have the support of various offices on campus, their categories might be adjusted over time to reflect emerging trends and new priorities in education.

Who is eligible for the Distinguished Awards and the Excellence Awards?

Distinguished Awards are tailored for faculty members who have been with Utah Tech University (UT) for a minimum of 4 or 7 years, contingent on the specific award category. They are primarily for full-time faculty, with the exception of the Distinguished Instructor Award, which includes part-time instructors. On the other hand, Excellence Awards are available to both full-time and part-time faculty members who have concluded at least their 2nd year at UT.

How can one nominate a faculty member, and what is the application process?

Nominations should be submitted electronically using the provided online form. Once nominated, faculty members will be invited to share further documentation, such as their curriculum vitae and a reflective letter about their achievements. For final selection, the Faculty Excellence Committee may request additional materials like portfolios, student feedback, or evidence of the nominee’s accomplishments in teaching, research, or service.

What are the monetary benefits associated with these awards?

Distinguished Awards usually come with a monetary reward of $1,000 or $2,000, depending on the category. Excellence Awards recipients receive a monetary reward of $500.

Who determines the finalists and winners of the Faculty Awards?

Finalists and winners for both the “Distinguished Awards” and the “Excellence Awards” are solely determined by the Faculty Excellence Committee. While we may occasionally seek feedback from the sponsors of the “Excellence Awards”, the final decision always rests with the committee members to ensure impartiality and adherence to the University’s standards of excellence.

Who should be contacted for further queries or information regarding the Faculty Awards?

For any additional information or questions about the Faculty Awards, please reach out to the Faculty Excellence Committee via email at excellence@utahtech.edu.


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Faculty Excellence Committee.